the Ma'aleh school of television, film & the arts, Jerusalem

International events


The Maaleh Film School maintains a library of 200+ films, produced as graduate projects. The films address the depth and complexity of life in Israel and Jewish identity, examining the daily challenges facing its citizens, defense forces, minorities and outsiders.  These short (15-30 minute) dramas and documentaries are a priceless, cultural and educational resource suitable for communal programs worldwide. The films are used as "triggers" for conferences, panel discussions, workshops and classroom presentations, promoting a dynamic and authentic dialogue with Israelis and communities around the world.

All Maaleh films are subtitled in English.  Many are also available with subtitles in French, Spanish and Russian.

The films are suitable for teen and adult audiences.


Outside of Israel

Maaleh Film Experience

Maaleh graduates travel abroad to conduct screenings, workshops, lead discussions and/or participate in Q&  A sessions sharing their compelling background and stories with the audience.

Hosting organizations may choose the topics and themes they wish to explore. They are also free to seek expert guidance from our program coordinator at Film Events Coordinator.

Virtual Film Festival

Organizations may also opt to host a virtual film festival using films from the Maaleh Film Catalog.  Films can be downloaded from the website for a nominal fee of $14 per film.


​In Israel

For film events at The Maaleh Visitor Center, in Jerusalem's city center, click here.