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Four Maaleh films accepted to the Jersey Shore Film Festival, USA.

20/6 16:45

The films "The Gravedigger's Daughter" by Shira Gabay, "Girl at Risk" by Raaya Vardi Tubul, "Home Made" by Shira Meishar and "Round Trip" by Loren... more >

"Oshri" and "My Father's Son" win prizes at the Tel Aviv Student Film Festival

18/6 20:15

The film "Oshri" by Lihi Sabag won first prize for editing at the Israeli competition of the International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv. The... more >

"Never Locked" accepted to "Cinema Sratim" Social Project, South Tel Aviv.

6/6 17:30

As part of the social project "Cinema Sratim" organized by the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, the documentary short "Never Locked"... more >

Four films accepted to the LongShort festival, Tel Aviv

30/5 18:00

The films "Waiting for Mom" by Rinat Sharabi, and "Date Night" by Liel Gur have been accepted to the LongShort film festival in Tel Aviv, which... more >

"My Father's Son" wins first prize for Best Student Documentary at DocAviv.

24/5 13:45

The documentary short "My Father's Son" by Hillel Rate has won first prize yesterday for Best Student film at the DocAviv documentary film... more >

"Thank you for opening the door," says President Reuven Rivlin at a special reception for Maaleh at the Presidential Residence

24/5 13:30

In honor of the Maaleh Film School and the part it has played in enlarging and trasnforming the Jewish Dialogue in Israel, President Reuven Rivlin... more >

"Home Made" accepted to the 39th International Film Festival of Durban, South Africa.

15/5 16:00

The narrative short "Home Made" by Shira meishar has been accepted to the 39th International Film Festival of Durban, South Africa. The festival... more >

"Nothing Happened" now a finalist at Le Petit Cannes Film Festival

9/5 16:00

The film "Nothing Happened" by Meital Maimon has been picked out of 550 films to be a finalist in the narrative category of "Le Petit Cannes" film... more >

The film "Paperock" has been accepted to the Rainbow Gay and Lesbian film festival of Honolulu, Hawaii.

9/5 15:15

The narrative short "Paperock" by Hillel Rate has been accepted to the Honolulu Rainbow Fil Festival, Hawaii. The film will be screened on 11... more >

"Nothing Happened" accepted to Le Petit Cannes Film Festival

7/5 15:45

The narrative short "Nothing Happened" by Meital Maimon has been accepted to "Le Petit Cannes" film festival, France. The festival, set up for... more >